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Sun, Aug 01




What if 10 days could change your life?

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Time & Location

Aug 01, 2021, 7:30 AM – Aug 10, 2021, 7:30 AM



About the Event

10 Day Vitality Challnge: 

August 1-10

Realign with your daily health habits that will change everything, from the inside out. MIND BODY & SOUL. Follow along with these four daily habits and see what shifts for you! Recommit to your health and join a local community with the same goals. When you register here you will be entered into a raffle to win a Healhty Habits Kit that will include all your supplement needs, and more. 

Registration closes next Wednesday July 28th and winner and book will be announced then. 

Here are our four daily habits to opt in to:

dōTERRA LifeLong Vitality Pack

Take half with breakfast and half with lunch

Take CRS before 3pm

Swallow pills and bury them with food

If these supplements are new to you, I suggest halving the daily dose and/or find a friend to try this challenge with and split the pack and the cost. 

Please watch this video for more info on why our team in inspired to connect you to this vitality challenge now and why this supplement trio is so important for our health. Here's a quick link to your  shopping cart including your LifeLong Vitality Pack and a doterra wholesale membership for one year. 

Drink Fresh Filtered Water

Drink 1 gallon a day, half in the morning, half in the afternoon. DO NOT try to get a bunch of water in before bed or you will be up all night using the bathroom. 

Add your citrus oils to up the ante on detoxification and elevated mood


10 pages from an inspirational non-fiction book. Give us your feedback, we will be deciding on our book by next Wednesday if not sooner. You're welcome to follow along with the group or pick a book thats best suited for you right now. Should you choose to opt into the group book reading, we will meet every sunday for a weekly yoga practice followed by a hang to chat about our weeks reading highlights and share our succeesses and challenges to learn and grow from eachother. 


We are practicing the Meditation for Healing Addiction because lets face it, were all addicted to something (relationships, food, substances, smoking, drinking, rejection, love, sex, gambling). Recovery is liberation; use this meditation to release deep rooted subconscious patterns. Choose whats right for you. Tune-in for our daily live meditation practice on Instagram at 7:30am for 11mintues. If you can't tune in with us or 11 minutes feels like a stretch, try practicing a minimum of 3, 5 or 7 minutes. I suggest having flexibilty, shoot for a minimum, target daily and an outrageous for those days you have more time. Check out this guided 3 minute pracrice here.

- - - - - -


If you miss any of these marks, I want to highlight this is NOT ABOUT PERFECTION. It's about evalutating and becoming aware what you're commited to and staying connected to whats most important everyday. We are aligning with our wellness goals and being mindful about the practices that elevate us on all levels, while steering away from those things that demote our energy. If we miss a cup or two of water or a few pages here and there, no biggie. It's most important to draw attention to the ways we feel when we line up and get these things accomplished and how it feels when we don't, while keeping compassion &  gentlness our major objective. Continue to simply redirect our attention to making the shifts necessary and keep on GOING. 

If some of these pracrices resonnate more than others, please make it your own. If you decide for 10 days you're just going to do ONE of these daily habits everyday, that's an absolute WIN!


For all who complete the 10 days will win a chance to win more fun things! Those who are down for it are welcomed and encouraged to KEEP GOING. A handful of us are setting our sights on 40 continuous days and for whoever wants to opt in for the longer challenge, we'll be cheering you on by our sides every day, every step of the way. Expect some free oils, an aromatouch treatment or symphony of the cells treatment, a raffle for a meditation cushion and MORE. 

I can't wait to see how much your life changes this August! Please share this challenge with anyone you think might find this a great addition to their life right now! Let's see how this community and we ourselves indivually can grow.

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