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a monthly womens program

The new school: life tools for our ever-changing landscape.

Life isn’t going back to the way things were. 

We’re here to take ownership of this vessel we call HOME and design a new paradigm on this planet. 

Your sacred container. Nurture it, nourish it & watch it grow. 

Bringing the inner beauty and gifts to the surface is endless work.

Bloom into your highest self. Answer your souls call.

Step into alignment with all aspects of yourself to nourish deeply and renew while releasing all the layers of grief and toxic stress & residue of the last two years from all the layers in your body. Discover the self mastery system that is one of the fastest growing wellness practices on the planet. Rediscover why taking the time to nurture yourself profoundly will be the shift the world needs to heal, right now. 



Become intimately acquainted with your HOME frequency, the vibration your body, mind & spirit always rest at & live within. This frequency defines our mood over time and sets the trajectory of our life. When we tune in to our HOME frequency, we can decide if it’s supporting our growth or hindering it. 

Discover why the self-mastery system called Kundalini Yoga is one of the fastest growing wellness practices in the world! Feel more energy, less stress and clarify your mental wellbeing. 

Define your own unique understanding of spirituality and begin to unravel inherited programming & liberate yourself from conditioned low vibratory patterns. 


Experience your chakra system & decode the wisdom within. Identify blockages & imbalances while finding the tools to harmonize your mind body & spirit. Learn how to amplify your frequency to uplift, calm & open your heart. Tune in to your energetic radiance!

Say hello to your subconscious mind and begin to heal ancestral patterns & stored trauma. 

Fall in love with the healing power of your heart & its’ powerful prayer. Cultivate your intuitive mind & access your inner guidance always.

Step into the divine mother spirit & become keenly aware of how you innately nurture yourself & others. She is the key to unlocking our New Earth. 

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Define your sacred container. What do the words ritual, beauty, sovereignty, sensuality, creative, & mother mean to you? All these ideals are what we naturally embody within the divine feminine archetypal energy. Find more compassion for your own heart & all others through devoting time and space for yourself and the commitments that matter most, to you. 

When we don’t take care of ourselves, it affects our vibration and everyone around us. 

Self-care means different things to different people, & at different times. Learn a wide array of customized nourishing practices to lean on as you explore what your energy needs in each present moment. 

We are energetic beings, ruled by habits. Rituals are sacred habits, ways of connecting with your soul & heart to be a vessel for more good each day. Deepen your sense of divinity by allowing the design of our natural cycles we live within to dictate scheduling your calendars. 


Carve your path by assimilating incremental daily & weekly rituals. Leverage your unique strengths & challenges. Gradually amplify your home frequency using the power of intention to to your commit to your highest self, daily. 

Strategize and prioritize intention setting with a monthly ceremony to move incrementally toward your purpose. Design the life of your dreams and expand gracefully by diving into the life skills you’ve unwrapped. 

We cannot do what we we’re meant to do in this life if we don’t have the resources to support our journey. Unlock your greatest potential by embodying the laws of prosperity. Live a life fueled by creativity and abundance, leaving a lasting imprint on our planet for the generations to inherit our planet. 

If that’s not my favorite to piece of the pie to amplify, it will be the lasting community you’re consciously magnetizing, your soul family. 

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meet H O M E

Fall in love with your energy, yourself & your life!

Watch this quick 10 minute video for an interaction to this project. 

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Initiation invitation

Before our first session, please set aside a few moments for yourself to:

  • Create your own definition of the word sacred & how that applies to your life, your space & your body

  • Delineate your sacred space to participate in: the physical place in your home, office, bathroom, car, etc. with an explicit boundary from any (most) external distractions. 

  • Begin with wonder. Conjure the thought: how much time outside of our Sunday practices would be optimal for me to allow myself to make the most of our time? Without further analyzation or commitment, simply begin to wonder, what amount of time would be best, feasible, & surely possible for me to set aside each day/ week to devote to my highest self… now, & always. 

  • If you don’t already have a trusty notebook & writing utensil, find a set that will be the anchor for our practices & your sacred space. 

Sessions will be 45 minutes in person weekly. Day/time TBD. Each week we will have takeaway missions allowing for deeper processing & preparation for the next weeks’ endeavors. 

Each month will repeat its content. Practice stepping deeper into you. Unpack what you discovered and develop your practice. Life happens in the little moments, with practice. Step in as often as you would like. Every month, every season, or once a year. 

When you step into to your first month’s membership, you will gain a year’s worth of access this content. All moon circles are half price. An hour coaching session is 25% off and all coaching packages are 20% off for life. 

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