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A month ago I found myself saying I was "stressed."

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

This week I am "under divine pressure because I'm birthing something great." - narative shift.

Nearly one month ago my world, my daily, my everything was flipped on its head. I was struggling to commit to someone else’s dream where I felt no challenge, zero support and acknowledgement of my strengths, gifts and magnitude of service. I was working myself to the bone because that’s what I thought I needed to do to make myself feel happy and abundant. I found how easily I can achieve the stability I deserve while also understanding how simple it is to steer my own train into burnout city.

With experience comes strength, with strength comes wisdom. I’m in daily gratitude for the teachings holding me in an accountable state of recognition, resilience and flow. Knowing that this mark has been met so as I could go on to serve my own dreams and bare the fruit of the passions I hold so dear.

I have been building; putting in the time and effort to consciously get myself uncomfortable, continually facing one block after the next, head on, for YEARS! It has been SO rough so UNstable, mentally and emotionally; I thank each and every one of my friends and family that have held space for this tumultuous growth, you know who you are. Every single daily meditation practice since #kundaliniteachertraining has been carefully selected to challenge myself to up-level, strengthen body, mind and spirit so as I can deliberately rise beyond preprogrammed patterning of my psyche, limitations of subconscious patterns, and clear karmic residue. I’m  crystal clear about what matters and stopping at nothing to make that happen. This gustation period is reaching its culmination!

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a truly transcendent spirit with a degree of candor second to none.

how is this achievable?

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