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20/20 a love letter

Yep, we've all experienced tremendous challenge last year, like living in a massive pressure cooker! It has been an unprecedented & everlasting winter.

Winter celebrates the reemergence of light! Our days begin to lengthen and the vibrant beacon of our sun bestows each day a little more and more of her vital gifts. Whats more, winter is the season for going inside, metaphorically & literally to rest, hibernate, rejuvenate ourselves to be reborn when the vitality of nature reawakens and vibrantly springs back to life.

How can we capitalize on the powers of the hermit & this seemingly unending solitude? AHHH the deep introspection, soul searching wonderment! Whether welcomed or not, we've all experienced it to a degree. The cozy with the formidable UNcomfortable, am I right? Side stepin on through the darkness of mind, the depths of our collective unconscious... how we ALL are an intricate thread in the incredible fabric of human nature.

The gift? The knowledge, the gained, or remembered wisdom of the radiance of our heart that will always shine the way through the shadows.

No better metaphor than the alchemy of churning molten hot carbon at the depths of our planet with unimaginable heat and pressure. Crank up our theme song, groove to the chorus of Rhianna's bangin beaut, DIAMOND. That's what we've been experiencing ya'll, for the last 20 years, 200, TWO THOUSAND years! This revolutionary jump into a new paradigm for our planet and human nature has landed upon you and I, in THIS lifetime. The epic beginning of MANY cycles. Do you feel it?

A new age, the era of enlightenment has arrived. The evolution of our consciousness has been expanding now for a while, all our lives, all our parents lives. Can you see it? All our ancestors have endured? Wars for equality, justice and emancipation for the atrocities of mankind... We're experiencing the embarkment for a lifetime and many thereafter of spiritual realignment with the creative wisdom within & the rhythms of nature. The precise laws that govern us and were birthed from infinite intelligence of our universe.

20/20 has proven to be oh so immensely insightful. Illuminating from all aspects of our perspective, it's magnified our understanding of all the big & small pieces that create the reality we inhabit. It's gift: undeniable clarity of the varying levels of control we do & do NOT have over our experience of that reality.

Now, more than ever, how do we continue to take careful action into more alignment with what we CAN control?

How are you taking care of your bodies, your minds here, in this moment?

My intention is to equip you with the tools for our modern age, the time of Great Transformation. You're not here to do this alone. Together, we are the exponentially powerful catalysts for the revolution of global awakening at hand.

Let us move deeper within our hearts, minds and into more consciousness and care for our earth and each other. This is the essence of Receptivity, presences & pure devotion to love. This is the energy that will heal the heal our planet.

Each month we reaffirm our commitments to learning & growing are greater than our commitments to staying the same.

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