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This journey towards discovery, healing, trust, & honoring my intuitive connection all started with an unexplained spontaneous URGE. It was a relaxing sunny Sunday afternoon 9 years ago, lounging with my boyfriend. Before I knew what came over me, I was clicking open his inbox from his phone I’d suddenly snatched out of his hands. Why?! What possessed me? To this day only one explanation: INTUITION. What I found sent my life immediately onto a drastically different course, one that ultimately lead me to emotional solace, personal strength, inner wisdom, and the conviction and passion to share that with others. This heartbreak was the worst I’d experienced, it collapsed my world in on itself. I was 16 credits deep into a spring semester at UH, all science courses and labs to fill my prerequisites for chiropractic college. My world stopped. The woman that inspired, brought endless knowledge and support on this holistic healing journey shared with me, amongst many things, the power of natural healthcare. My chiropractor saw within me that yearning spark to heal others as she had me. She introduced me to dōTERRA’s essential oils and encouraged me to embark on my lifelong endeavor to connect deeper with myself, our planet and assist as many people as I can to do the same. This is my mission: support you, side by side, guiding you one step at a time in understanding the powerful partnership we have with the plant kingdom. Take control of your health and dig into the freedom of taking your wellbeing into your own hands. We all are here to experience pain, dis-ease, discomfort, imbalance, whether emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. We all feel the same feels, that’s what unites us. It’s my goal to show up and serve as many as I can to find the same healing shifts I have discovered to be possible. Always learning growing and transforming into a better stronger happier healthier version of ourselves to share that beauty and change our globe. One person at a time. This is only a mere fraction of the timeline that brought me here today, a sliver of the service I wish to provide. If you’re ready to explore your options in caring for yourself wholly and fully, from the inside out I’m here to serve you.

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