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My intention is simple: introduce and guide you through the sacred teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

This practice is fun, dynamic but most of all transformational!

The yoga of awareness, Kundalini, combines simple yogic techniques that can be enjoyed by all, no matter age or flexibility, and is wonderful for beginners. 

Kundalini is a complete science that includes breath (pranayam), movement (asana), sound, chanting (mantra), hand positions (mudra), and meditation.

We begin each class by "tuning in" with a short mantra. A brief warmup is followed with a Kriya: a set of exercises for a specific purpose. Kriya's may include stretching postures, movement and breathing exercises, and chanting mantras. Mantras may seem strange at first but they are Yoga for the mind. They create sound vibrations in the body and change mental states. Finally, we finish with relaxation and/ or meditation. 

Please provide all the mats, blankets, bolsters you may want. We wear loose comfortable clothing; bring water to drink and avoid eating a meal for about 2 hours before the class (plan to eat your main meal either after the class or earlier in the day). Light, energy giving snacks before class are fine.

M O V E M E N T  M E D I C I N E

breath work, alignment, strength & stretch

Aimed on a monthly theme, we will integrate breath work with a lengthening & strengthening blend of yoga & pilates exercises. This offering is designed to move you, mind & body, as a whole, with focus & intention. It will deliver elevated energy, increased core strength, poise, & balance, while reducing tension creating more ease in range of motion. You will leave feeling both uplifted & relaxed, longer & stronger, light & lifted.

S E L F  C A R E  C E L E B R A T I O N

a party to practice what's most vital

What is more important than our relationship to ourselves and dearest friends? Find a beautiful time to blend the two together with intention and love. 

Yoga, pilates, barre fitness, meditation, you name the movement. We begin with an active session to get the blood flowing and connect to your physical wellbeing.

Once feeling energized and tapped into our bodies we relax into an essential oil self care session to support your mood, calm the mind, emotions and most importantly detox from stress. Lavish the power of these potent aromatics and serve your soul.

Create the most powerful reset in this wild ride of a holiday season by honoring your favorite group of women. Give back to yourselves while enjoying each other!


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